Port Washington Police Athletic League offers age appropriate sports programs to young athletes throughout the area. We are a 70 year old organization and like most 70 year olds we need maintenance! 100% of your donations will go towards upgrading our playing facilities so that the children's athletic experience is enhanced. Your genorosity today allows tomorrow's athlete to excel.

We use only Professional Coaches to run our programs.  Volunteer parents, while often well intentioned, have difficulty not favoring their own kid and that's a situation we like to avoid.  Of course we encourage and seek out volunteer parents to assist our hired professionals.


The Port Washington Police Activities League is a non-profit public benefit corporation whose mission is to build partnerships between youth, police, and the community through recreational, athletic, and educational programs designed to encourage and develop good citizenship and sportsmanship while improving the quality of life for all in the Port Washington area.

Port Washington PAL uses athletics along with recreational and educational activities as character building tools to instill positive values in our youth. We strive to satisfy our mission by providing our youth population with a safe spot away from the pressures of drugs, gangs, violence, and the rest of the gamut of youth pitfalls. We challenge our population to compete with themselves in order to grow more confident and be their best; whether that 'best' is on the ball field or in the classroom. We connect to the community by asking our population to 'give back' by volunteering in community based projects and by working with other community-based programs for youth to achieve our common missions.